Quality politics

Quality politics

The activity that DELTRANSA considered in accordance with the quality required by the International Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 is:

Transport and customs by air, sea and land.

The declaration of the Policy includes as a master line of Quality: We are one more department of our clients and to achieve it we consider the following principles:

1. Commitment in meet the demands, requirements and explicit and implicit expectations of our customers, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Knowledge in the logistics sector (dual service: transport and customs).

3. Existence of a good working environment.

4. Adequate internal communication in a horizontal structure.

5. Willingness to learn and take on new challenges.

6. Fluid and continuous attention to our customers and suppliers.

7. Consolidation of the process of continuous improvement in the performance of all activities carried out in the company.

8. Constant updating of new technologies, related to the services we offer.

9. Maintenance of order and cleanliness in the installation in order to guarantee a response as quickly as possible. Be efficient.

10. Take care of relationship with our collaborators, suppliers and customers.

The Management makes this policy accessible and makes it available to its interested parties.

The Policy is kept up to date through periodic reviews, coinciding with system reviews by management, in order to take into account changes in context conditions and the information received. In this sense, the management provides and will provide all the human, technical and economic means necessary to achieve the objectives, goals and strategic lines that are established on a scheduled and periodic basis.