services we offer

We are the solution to your transport problems, our experience proves it.

Our long experience in the logistics and customs sector allows us to offer high-quality technical advice, in order to find the best legal, tax and economic solutions for your customs and logistics needs.

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Air Services

All procedures inherent to the logistics service that may occur:

Customs clearance

Surveyor Inspections

Merchandise acknowledgments

Health, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Phytosanitary, SOIVRE, CITES, legalizations by embassies/consulates, etc...

They are effectively carried out by DELTRANSA, thanks to its on-site presence and the exclusive dedication of our highly qualified and experienced staff.

Maritime Services

Our maritime import and export departments are trained to carry out any type of shipment to / from any part of the world.

From small LCL consolidated shipments

All kinds of containers

special loads

Roll-on cargo in Ro-Ro Ships (Rollon Rolloff)

Full boat chartering.

Ground Services

DELTRANSA, we are experts in special shipments of heavy goods and with extra measures.

Customs services

DELTRANSA is authorized by the Spanish Tax Agency – Department of Customs and Special Taxes to carry out any type of clearance and Customs procedure.



Passive Improvement Regime

Active Improvement Regime

Control Under Customs Control

Release to Free Practice

Temporary Import / Export, etc…